Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vdryzg is broken.

Khm... Maybe, it is better to cause patrol? You are assured in the fact that your office will pay rescue operation? Our budget will break, if we are expend so much Ne bespokoytes', everything will be in the order. I pass to the deep information channel, you leave first. Vas understood, he said the captain of the commercial of korablya. we descend. Slava to god. The voice of the real earthling, whom it knows that how much, at long last Drilom it threw to the switch and with the fury harvested to the button. ot in what our error. how? that how we conducted. We imitated rather well the appearance of earthlings, but not the method of their thinking. This is why Konnelli us it guessed. We talked militarily it is energetic, it is compressed, actually. The real captain of merchant ship immediately would begin to deal. For free he never to this matter will go. Ledresh despondently nodded. Chto you do intend to undertake?
Vozvrashchus' conversely and to hearths report, it spoke By drilom drooped of golosom. we were not ready to conflict with the earthlings, it is in no way ready.
Nado before to study their tricks, caustically advised Ledresh, and already then to begin war.
by Drilom it negatively shook by head.